Affiliate Tracking Software: RedTrack vs Voluum

December 15, 2020
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December 15, 2020 David Szemerda

In this article, we are going to be overviewing and comparing some affiliate tracking software: RedTrack vs Voluum.

As a digital transformation agency, our mission at ODM World is to help companies achieve their goals through digital marketing, analytics, and design-related services. With more than 80% of eCommerce companies using affiliate websites to help market their products and services (source), it’s clear that affiliate marketing and tracking are important topics to cover if you’re someone who earns money through the internet.

 This article begins with a brief outline/definition of affiliate tracking software, continues with a comparison of RedTrack vs Voluum affiliate tracking software, and finally, ends with our recommendation for preferred software.

 If you’re currently involved or looking to be involved, in affiliate marketing, you need to have sophisticated and reliable tracking software to be able to track, optimize, and automate your digital marketing efforts. RedTrack and Voluum offer exactly that, so read on to learn more about each of the different affiliate tracking software programs.  


What Is An Affiliate Tracking Software?

There’s no denying it – affiliate marketing is a crucial part of today’s digital marketing strategy.

 Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a business (i.e, company, brand) rewards an affiliate (i.e., individual, website, blog) for every visitor, customer, or client referred to the business through the affiliate’s traffic or marketing.

 Affiliate tracking software is a way for companies and brands with an online presence to accurately organize and manage affiliate marketing campaigns. Tracking allows businesses and brands to know exactly where their traffic is coming from, thus helping them evaluate the value of the partnerships they have with various affiliates.

 Furthermore, with such a large percentage of online orders coming through affiliates, it has become increasingly important for companies and brands to stay on top of traffic and referrals in order to avoid serious issues with inaccurate attribution.

 Also, using affiliate tracking software means affiliates can be rewarded for their traffic referral more quickly and without confusion. Considering the traffic affiliates are generating, helping many eCommerce businesses in the process, it’s only right they are compensated properly.

 The rest of this article will evaluate and compare two popular brands of affiliate tracking software: Redtrack vs Voluum. Read on and find out which one works best for you and your goals. For good measure, we’ll add in our recommendation at the end.


 RedTrack Overview

In reality, RedTrack is much more than just a tracking tool.

 RedTrack’s diverse set of features allows users to:

  •     Track affiliate performance
  •     Conduct various custom detailed analyses
  •     Automate ongoing campaigns
  •     Easily report results to all partners involved

 In the event that you need to quickly and easily share details with a partner, users can take advantage of RedTrack’s efficient Reporting Portal feature. Similarly, multiple users can work together from a single account with individual sets of permissions and logins using RedTrack’s Multi-Access feature. In this sense, RedTrack is great for teams.

 The RedTrack affiliate tracking software has cookie-less tracking, thanks to S2S Postback. This includes no redirects, no digital fingerprints, and no other techniques.

 Another pro of the RedTrack software is that it comes with more than 20 API Integrations for Google, Facebook, and more. At that, the Facebook Conversion API comes with a domain verification tool. With native API integration, you can also use the Automation Functionality feature to organize and monitor campaigns.

 A final noteworthy feature of the RedTrack software is its Conversion Attribution feature. This tool helps to understand users’ actions online that lead to conversions. This is key for business owners who are looking to scale their advertising and build their brands.

 Overall, the RedTrack affiliate tracking software has many pros and, to be honest, not so many cons.

 Here are the pricing options for the RedTrack software:

  •     49$/Month = Basic
  •     $99/Month = Pro
  •     $199/Month = Team
  •     $499/Month = Agency

 If you’ve never used software like this before, you can try RedTrack with a 14-day trial to make sure this is the right fit for you and your business.


Voluum Overview

More than anything else, the Voluum software works to manage all of one’s ads from a single location. Voluum will manage and track your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more.

For safety and peace of mind, Voluum has an Anti-Fraud kit to pick out pesky bot-traffic.

Voluum has an Automation feature, which is similar in this regard to RedTrack’s Automation Functionality feature. However, the Voluum Automation feature has fewer integrations and options compared to the RedTrack feature. Still, the Voluum Automation feature works well and is customizable.

While the Voluum affiliate tracking software does support S2S Postback for cookie-less tracking, it is important to note that Voluum does not support Facebook CAPI integration, which makes it more difficult to run Facebook Ads.

Here are the pricing options for the Voluum affiliate tracking software:

  •     $69/Month = Discover
  •     $149/Month = Profile
  •     $449/Month = Grow
  •     $999/Month = Agency

 Unlike RedTrack, Voluum only offers a free demo for you to know if their software is right for you. Try your free demo today and see if Voluum is what you need.


Our Final Recommendation

Considering the pros and cons of the RedTrack affiliate tracking software, and then comparing that to the Voluum affiliate tracking software, we’ve come to our final recommendation.

 Overall, both RedTrack and Voluum have many similar features, which makes it difficult to establish a clear-cut “winner”.

 Our overall recommendation is: RedTrack!

 Here’s why.

  1.  While both RedTrack and Voluum have Automation features, the RedTrack feature allows you to automate more sources.
  2.  Because Voluum doesn’t support Facebook CAPI, running Facebook Ads is much easier with RedTrack.
  3.  When it comes to money, RedTrack allows you to experience a 14-day trial for free, whereas Voluum only gives you access to a demo. At that, RedTrack’s plans are a bit more affordable than Voluum’s plans.

 Voluum may be a better choice for some beginners who are starting out with affiliate marketing and need good tracking software. Otherwise, RedTrack allows you to deal with more complicated issues with more control and customization on your end.


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Check out RedTrack’s site today and experience your 14-day trial of some of the best affiliate tracking software available!